About Me

Srikanth V Govindarajula is by vocation a performance optimizer; he has a passion for helping people, organizations, teams and groups to achieve outstanding performance on a sustainable basis.

Srikanth V Govindarajula is a post graduate in Human resource with over 12+ years in various positions in sales & Marketing and 13+ years long experience in Learning & Development supporting employees and staff members, Whether responding to individual concerns or departmental concerns, the goal or objective – to be an advocate and empower others. This involved listening to concerns and responding to individual needs, researching options and providing education on available benefits, and advocating for an individual in order to best meet his/her individual needs.

Srikanth is a coach who believes in the power of change in pursuit of happiness. Srikanth has coached individuals through life changes including work life balance, understanding relationship changes and role changes. Whether your goals are career or personal, he can collaborate with you to discover and unleash the power within to identify steps, implement a plan, and obtain a greater level of happiness.